THE ELIXIR OF LOVE, Stefania Fantauzzi & Adrià Fruitós


“One summer’s afternoon, the sun shines down on the wheat fields around a village in the Basque Country. The reapers have finished their work and are now resting in the shade of a leafy, lofty tree at the entrance to a large estate. Among them is Gianneta, a clever, sharp-eyed girl from the village. Adina, the owner of the estate, sits a little way off, engrossed in her book.”

Nemorino, a simple, shy young man, is hopelessly in love with Adina, the richest and most beautiful woman, but also the most loquacious and capricious, in the village. When Belcore, a swaggering soldier, arrives and immediately begins to pay court to Adina, Nemorino’s plight becomes even more difficult. Dulcamara, a strange character, unwittingly plays an important part, as his elixir—the very one that caused Tristan to fall in love with Isolde—produces a sequence of curious situations that pushes the three leading personae to extremes until the opera reaches a totally unexpected conclusion.

This work is one of the few forays that Gaetano Donizetti (Bergamo, Italy, 1797-1848) made into comic opera, another being Don Pasquale. Though Donizetti always respected bel canto, he was responsible for the development of the role of the tenor, which evolved during the opening years of Romanticism, eventually giving tenors the prominence that displayed the fullness of their voices .

Format: 25×22 cm
Binding: board
Pages: 36
Price: 22 Euros
Language: Catalan (L’Elixir d’amor ISBN 978-84-935912-9-8); Spanish (El elixir de amor ISBN 978-84-936667-0-5),  Italian (L’elixir d’amore 9788895933214), Portugese and Galician



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